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Be thankful for what you have

One rainy evening after office, I and some friends met at a restaurant for coffee. We used to meet there a few times a week. That evening we ordered pasta and coffee. While waiting to be served, we were talking about contemporary issues including our work and personal life. When one was talking about how awful his lunch was that day, another was saying he didn’t like the color of the shirt that his brother sent him from abroad. The restaurant was covered with long transparent glasses with paintings of delicious dishes. We were sitting beside the glass while I and another friend were facing the glass so that we could see the rain on the street. 

Astonishingly we were the only customers that evening, and I guess that was due to the pouring. However, at the peak of our talk suddenly our conversation was interrupted by the banging on the glasses from outside. I raised my head to see what was happening. It was an old man accompanied by a little boy waiting outside in the rain. As the door was closed so we couldn’t hear anything about what he was saying. But from the appearance, I guessed he was a bagger. 

Generally, I would help old or disabled people because old people remind me of my grandparents. It always grieves me to think why old people have to work at that age to support their families. So I was preparing to go outside to give him some money. Before I even stood up, one of the waiters ran into the door, pushed it up, and started yelling at them for banging. He also refused them to give any money or food. By the time I arrived there the man was leaving. But what he said to the waiter while leaving dazzled me to think how grateful we all should be for what we already have in our life. He said

“Don’t be so rude to people like us. At least you are standing under the roof and smelling good food, but we are hungry and getting wet in the rain to bag money for our dinner. This is the game of our fate”.

Although I called him back and gave him some money, his words scratched my heart. I came back to our table and shared the event with others.

We all were ashamed of this event. When some people, despite their age, are working hard to support their family at a time when they should be resting in bed or perhaps playing with their grandchildren, we are sitting here complaining and criticizing unnecessary things. His word made us realize how selfish we are to not appreciate the good things that we have in our life. We are never thankful for having three good meals every day, being able to wear nice dresses, having a nice home, spending time with our family, and getting the time for refreshments. Once I heard that 95% of the things that happen in our life are positive and only 5% of them are negative. Instead of appreciating the 95%, we spent our entire life complaining about that 5%, things that we don’t have. 

In my opinion, everyone should compare themselves with people who are below their standard, not with those who are upper their standard. This will bring satisfaction to them and they will be thankful for what they already have. If you list down what you already have and what you don’t, you will see that the list of things you have is far greater than the list of things you don’t have. Instead of thinking if you had a Limousine, be thankful for the Maruti you have. At least you have a car, what about those who only have bicycles or no vehicles at all! 


9 responses to “Be thankful for what you have”

  1. Great learning. It reminds me of the Stoic quote “Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.”

    Anyway, thanks for this post, Sudipta!

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    1. Thank you Mr. Danker for encouraging me. I have so much to share with the world, but I never wrote before. I hope my writing make sense to readers.

      Thanks again for your comment.


  2. Good realization and well explained.

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    1. Thanks for encouraging me.


  3. Do we ever love others like ourselves, how many do we love? If we loved everyone equally, then we would not have so many problems. There would be no arrogance oneself and hatred towards others. When you look at others like yourself with love, there is a different kind of peace.

    Beautiful writing, keep up your writing,,, Thak you.


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    1. Thanks, Azad Bhai. No, no one can love others as much as they love themselves. But at least they can help people as much as they can afford. And most of all, being happy with what we have, is much more important.

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  4. Kongkon kanti das Avatar
    Kongkon kanti das

    Excellent! ❤️
    I do it all the time brother, I always compare myself with the people below me and I am happy to think that I am much better than many and I express my gratitude to the Creator, for which I am always happy mentally & thank you share the nice write.

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    1. Thanks a lot Kongkon for your realizations and nice comment too. Be positive and be helpful to people who are in need.


  5. This article is very inspiring. I have enjoy reading it. Thanks.


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