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  • A custom of honoring the deceased

    A custom of honoring the deceased

    Thing that keeps our existence alive after departure is the depths of our relationship with people which we created when we were alive. This can be reflected among people throughout their remembrance of us. Instead of obsessing with self-centered ideas, we should be focusing on creating family bondings and values.

  • Be thankful for what you have

    Be thankful for what you have

    He said, “don’t be so rude to people like us. At least you are standing under the roof and smelling good food, but we are hungry and getting wet in the rain to bag money for our dinner”. Instead of appreciating the 95% positive things that we have in our life, we spent our entire life complaining about that 5% that we don’t have. Alternatively thinking of if you had a Limousine, be thankful for the Maruti you have, what about those who have nothing at all! 

  • The power of words

    The power of words

    Learn from your mistakes, plan, and start again. Success always comes after those who never give up

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